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9 interactive tech tools that can help your child in the classroom

Thought this might be helpful… 🙂

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As the school year begins across the country, it’s time for parents like you to start thinking about how you can support your child’s learning over the next 10 months. Make this year a great one by getting involved, and keep track of which concepts or subjects are giving your child more trouble. Taking the time to talk with your child’s teacher twice a month will help you monitor your child’s progress so that you can jump in and help when they hit a stumbling block.

Let’s face it: Schools don’t always present materials in a fun and engaging manner. Really. So sometimes it’s up to us parents to find resources that do. One way to do so is with technology.

In our high-tech world, kids are learning through a variety of media, including digital technology. So consider these resources when you are looking for ways to help your child…

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Happy Birthday to My Main Man!



Today we celebrated my son’s 2nd birthday at the pool. He had so much fun splashing in the water.

No, this isn’t a teacher related post, but I had to share this precious moment! 😉

What did you do to beat the heat today?

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