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Friday Freebie: Wrist Reminders

I’m linking up today with The Teaching Blog Addict for their first FREEBIE Friday of September!

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Short post, but I wanted to share my wrist reminders with you.  Have you ever needed your kiddos to remember something important to tell their parents?  Have you ever wanted to have a tool to attach a note to your students until they get home?  Try some wrist reminders.

Wrist RemindersNope, they aren’t fancy, but they work.  These are helpful in those times when you need to get messages home with students, but don’t want need to waste lots of paper.  Just cut them apart, write your message, and cut it out.  I have these cut and in a drawer by my classroom door for easy access.  I put them in a drawer by my classroom door since I sometimes remember things last minute.  Surely I’m not the only one!!

To download a copy, click here –> Wrist Reminders.

For more FREEBIES, head over to The Teaching Blog Addict!  Lots of great links!


Back To School I Go

Tomorrow I go back to work after a nice summer break. I always wish I had “just ONE more week,” but I’m also sort of secretly excited. The beginning of the year is always full of anxiety, hope, excitement, nervousness, panic…did I miss any? 😉

I’m almost ready for my classroom reveal. This week is only for teachers, and we have some time to finish up our rooms before “Back to School Night,” so I spent my last few days of summer away from my classroom.

I will be posting pictures soon. Hint: I’ve incorporated my black, blue, and zebra “theme.” I’m not really a theme person, so I decided to stay simple. 😉

For all of you that go back to work tomorrow, may the force be with you!! And for those that are already teaching your hearts out, we are right behind ya! 🙂

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Back To School Forms: Getting To Know You (Student Survey)

Getting to know youNext up is a student survey.  I like to get to know my students on a deeper level than some, so I created a student survey for the students to fill out during the first week of school.  The survey also serves as a conversation piece when it comes to writing.  I get so tired of students telling me that they have nothing to write about, so this is another way to conjure some ideas out of them!  To download the file, click here –> Getting to Know You.

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Classroom Organization: A Teacher’s Nightmare!


Stacks of papers.  Broken pencils.  Notes from home.  This pair of scissors.  That book that doesn’t fit in the basket.  The list goes on.  Organizing a classroom in an efficient way that allows both the teacher and the students to function in a productive manner is not always easy.  At least, not for me.

I wasn’t born with the “organized” gene.  As much as I wish I was, the fact is…I’m messy!  Part of it is due to not wanting to give up even one second of my teaching time to put things away, but for the most part, it’s just not in me.

So–every day I am constantly picking up after myself and trying to reorganize things all the time.  I’ve decided that I WILL learn to be organized.  Last summer, I invited my sister-in-law to my classroom to help me get my supplies in order and give me tips on keeping it that way!  I must admit, I did a pretty good job of staying organized throughout the year, and it was a great feeling!

This year my goal is to slaughter this beast I call organization.  In my attempt to get myself together, I have created some tools that will allow me to do this much easier.  From baskets, to folders, to pencil holders–it all makes a difference!

My next few blog posts will showcase some of the things that I am doing to create an organized classroom.  Many of my ideas are from Pinterest or other blogs, but I like to put my own twist on everything.  Please feel free to “steal” any ideas that you feel would benefit you.  And, as always, enjoy!

(Photo at the top taken from http://greenberg-art.com)

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