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Writer’s Workshop

Strong Words Anchor Chart

Strong Words Anchor Chart

Listed below are a few links to some helpful tools to use during Writer’s Workshop.  Check back weekly for new resources!

Helpful Idioms Chart

Practice Using STRONG Adjectives

Writing Small Moments: Use this chart to help remind your students how to write “in the moment.”

Revising and Editing RULES: A list of revising and editing rules that students need to know for the 4th grade Writing STAAR Test (I will repost this document in Times New Roman font so that the formatting is consistent with ALL MS Word versions)

Went is Gone: A list of other words that can be used other than “went.”

Said is Dead A list of other words that can be used other than “said.”

2013 TCTELA_Young_STAAR Writing_4-7:A PowerPoint presentation by Victoria Young about student performance on Writing STAAR.

Resources from Gretchen Bernabei:

20 Week Writing Lesson Plans: Yep, you heard it right!  Lesson Plans to get you through the first 20 weeks of school using Gretchen Bernabei resources.  Have I mentioned she is AWESOME?!?!

***Over 70 Writing Prompts***: Use these “Lightning in a Bottle” writing prompts to get your students writing…and THINKING!

Text Structures for Writing: Use these text structures to help your students write with meaning and with a purpose!

STAAR Genre Text Structures: More text structures to help around test time.

Literary Text Structures: Literary text structures.

Reproducibles from Crunchtime: These are pages that you can print and use with your students as they are writing.

Icon Glossary: Wondering how to get students to write better with more details?  Check out the icons listed here.

Narritive Writing Planning Sheet: Use this sheet with your students to help them plan their writing.

**NEW** Expository Planning Sheet: Use this sheet with your students to help them plan and ask questions with their expository writing.

I have used all of these resources with my students, and their writing DRASTICALLY improved.  Think using text structures is too hard for your students?  It’s not!!  ALL of my students have been successful with using them….and their understanding of what writing is and how authors organize their writing improved, too!

For more information about an amazing writing teacher and presenter, go to www.trailofbreadcrumbs.net or www.bernabeiwritingtools.blogspot.com.


4 responses to “Writer’s Workshop

  1. Wow! I’m delighted to see a great place to go find these things so easily! Thanks, Kayla, for making these so easy. In fact, I really enjoyed looking through your whole blog. Love those anchor charts!

  2. […] what she knows.  There are numerous free printables on her website, and I have most of them on my Writer’s Workshop page.  We will start Monday by writing our “kernel” […]

  3. […] out her writing resources.  You won’t be disappointed!!  I have lots of them linked to my Writer’s Workshop […]

  4. […] to see our planning sheets and flip books.  You can also access the planning page by visiting the Writer’s Workshop page and clicking on the very last resource […]

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